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The Warren: hanging out with Keith Stewart

‘Cancelled: Jackie Kay and Zaffar Kunial.’ Their appearance at the Brighton Festival I assume – not them. I saw Jackie Kay a few years back at the Festival and thoroughly enjoyed her calm, sorted, humorous and informed story. I was looking forward to hearing from her again. But not this time. As a gesture of goodwill we were offered up to four complimentary tickets to Songs for the End of the World. A good customer relations move.

My friend suggested we check out The Warren, a Brighton Fringe venue that sees a selection of performance spaces and bars placed sensitively next to St. Peter’s Church on the London Road. Alcohol, Brighton Fringe shows and salvation within yards of each other. I thought – why not? Let’s be young, free, wild and reckless. It was like being in a mini-festival, and because the area is walled off you don’t see the outside world. Or the traffic and taxis and buses that haunt the London Road at 7.30pm. The outdoor seats and benches are surrounded by an array of th…

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